Making It Work
Aarhus 15 conference
November 3-5 2015

Alastair SmithAlastair Smith (UK)

Digital Communications Editor, BBC


Alastair Smith is an experienced communications professional and consultant He has previously worked in higher education and local government communications around the UK specialising in social media.
While working at Newcastle City Council in 2008, Alastair was given a unique role dedicated to researching and improving online interaction between local authorities and residents, pioneering the use of Twitter in local government which was acknowledged in Shel Israel’s book Twitterville. He went on to redevelop the authorities website and propose changes to team structure to allow new ways of working between communications and web teams.
He went on to work for third sector music development organisation Generator where he planned conferences examining new business models in the music industry which emerged from changes in technology and internet usage.
Returning to the public sector at Cannock Chase District Council and Hackney Council, Alastair has further explored relationships between local authorities and residents for communications, service delivery and behaviour change. He has also helped to research and curate content for an online guide to digital engagement and delivered workshops in online crisis communication to market leading clients.

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