Making It Work
Aarhus 15 conference
November 3-5 2015

Birgit GjølBirgit Gjøl (Denmark)

Sales, Marketing & Communication Executive, DGI



Birgit has a significant experience from leading commercial companies and brands in a variation of global industries. Presently working for the Danish non-profit sports association DGI where she also has a focus on how commercial and non-profit organizations can inspire and learn from each other in their approaches to change management.

The digital discipline has been an important part of the job throughout her work experience and with focus on how digital can leverage in the fields of marketing, communication, business development and sales.

The experience from digital projects comes from several perspectives: In the role as the employee with specialist knowledge, in the position as middle manager, as director for two layers of references and as the member of the board of directors.

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