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Aarhus 15 conference
November 3-5 2015

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An Dewilde

Digital leadership: changing the way we work with the business

Time: 10.15 - 11.00, Wednesday November 4

Speaker: An Dewilde (Belgium), J. Boye
Track: Leadership & Strategy

If we are to make real progress with the much hyped “Digital Transformation”, we need to go from digital being something that is only focused on within the "web team”; i.e. in isolation (where everyone was just a few years ago and some still find themselves today) to digital being thought in throughout the organisation, at all levels all the time.

The digital spearheads need to strengthen the relationship with the business and build strategic partnerships from the start of every initiative and project. It’s about moving from doing things TO them to doing things WITH them.

We need to do this in the face of the challenges we all know: limited resources and the expectation to do more with less

We need to look for partnerships where you wouldn’t normally expect; partnerships that will allow you to focus on what matters, on where your true added value lies.

Let's not see it as a threat to our jobs, but an opportunity to guide the rest of the business in the right direction on the digital journey.

In this session we will explore ways of doing all of this. We will look at the current approach and thinking of the digital team at Euroclear; discuss the opportunities and threats of this approach and discuss alternatives - as well as share and listen to each others’ experiences and current thinking. You won’t necessarily walk away with all the answers - but it should be an informative session with a good discussion.

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