Making It Work
Aarhus 15 conference
November 3-5 2015

Christina RahtgensChristina Rahtgens (Germany)

Social topics evangelist, Roland Berger



Christina has come to love social media, and has invested most of her time in making sure Roland Berger reaps the benefits of these channels externaly as well as internally. She made sure, that the Roland Berger intranet is a truly social place and is responsible for the ongoing change management process.
Originally an economist, researcher and knowledge manager, she is now responsible for all of Roland Berger’s digital marketing activities, including the corporate website, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. And she has been part of the intranet project team from the very start of the relaunch. Christina believes that a social intranet can only be successful if it is built around the needs and realities of its users – that’s why the project team involved Roland Berger consultants every step of the way.
Christina studied economics at the universities of Hamburg and Amsterdam. A mother of two daughters, she is also a passionate reader.

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