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Aarhus 15 conference
November 3-5 2015

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Abdul Dezkam

Loyalty is not just for dogs. Using digital for better loyalty programs

Time: 15.15 - 16.00, Thursday November 5

Speaker: Abdul Dezkam (Denmark), ECCO
Track: Personalisation & Relevance

Is it about time to reengage with your customers and improve your retention rate? This is the session for you to be in.

Are you working on a new strategy to drive customer loyalty with/without a loyalty program? Or are you already running an old and dusty loyalty program driven by traditional discount and with a point-based approach, that you want to rework but you are facing lack of commitment in the organisation? Maybe you are looking for a simple way to deliver better customer experience by grabbing the low hanging data-fruits?

I will share some experiences (and other companies') from running a global advanced behavioral-driven loyalty program and a simple and discount-driven loyalty program; and how important it is to bring organisation, technology and strategy together to deliver your next loyalty strategy.

And of course – no presentation about data and the "age of customer" without mentioning Uber at least once :-)

So bring in your passion, curiosity or disgrace for data and let’s turn them into valuable insights for you to take back to your office.

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