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November 3-5 2015

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Birgit Gjøl

Leadership challenges in digital projects

Time: 15.15 - 16.00, Wednesday November 4

Speaker: Birgit Gjøl (Denmark), DGI
Track: Leadership & Strategy

How can you utilize the leadership parameter as a critical factor for success in digital projects?

Good leadership is generally important but perhaps the digital discipline requires an extra leadership perspective due to the nature of the area?

When you work on a specific digital project, how can you secure that an inspiring direction is set that leverages the potentials of your organization and on the other hand, how can you manage the key pitfalls?

- How can you inspire decision makers to support your project?
- How can you create the solid strategic foundation that matches the nature of a fast-paced discipline?
- How can you reach an agreement, when several decision makers are involved?
- How can you lead upwards and downwards in your organization and identify and act upon your own and others' competency levels?
- How can you nurture the organizational involvement in your project without compromising the project team’s ability to create optimal solutions?
- How can you deal with an organization, which is mostly interested in what they want to communicate about themselves and their products and how to refocus and to seed and grow a user centric focus?

In essence a long list of change management issues.

This session will reflect on these questions around the leadership parameter in digital projects and it will mainly be from a practical perspective exemplified through a digital strategy and a major web project at DGI (a major Danish sports association).

As a participant in this session, you will not get a handout with all the answers to these questions but instead you will get examples of how these issues can be coped with.

During the session, there will also be opportunity to investigate the collective knowledge base among the participants in the room in order to share examples of successful digital leadership.

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