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November 3-5 2015

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Allan Nyhus

Engaging with a member base gone social

Time: 13.00 - 13.45, Thursday November 5

Speaker: Allan Nyhus (Denmark), Danmarks Naturfredningsforening
Track: Collaboration & Community Management

As a large democratic member organization of 130.000 members, the Danish Society for Nature Conservation (DN), must at all times listen, involve and embrace its members. But with 130.000 members spread across Denmark, spread across interest, segments etc., that demands an ongoing and close relationship and dialog with the members. In the short run, it would be the easiest thing not to listen to and involve the members in the daily business of DN, but in the long run that could lead to estranged members not feeling sympathy or involvement with the cause of Danish Society for Nature Conservation.

There are many ways you could keep a close relationship with your members, but one of the most efficient ones, are the use of social media/collaborative tools and community management. DN has setup a wide spread social media community where everything from nature conservation, highways and new webpage is being discussed. The discussions, dialogues and conversations are between members of DN, employees in DN and often both. And both employees and members can be the facilitators of the groups in cyberspace. In these groups members of DN, from across the country are brought together to provide and bring value to DN. Out of our 130.000 members, around 2.000 of those interact and participate in our community. That may not seem much, but the 2.000 are again ambassadors for the 130.000.

In my opinion bringing your members close and involving your organization, can give your organization ideas, feed ownership among members, all in all providing the organization with a very innovative and engaged audience. Thus is collaboration and community management not a goal, but an important means to achieve a goal of embracing and involving your members in an innovative environment.

The members go from being passive non contributing members, to being involved and pro contributing social members.

In this presentation, I’ll will show you how DN organize the many engaged members, how we set up Podio and how we as employees get value from our members, trough social collaboration.

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