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November 3-5 2015

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Sara Redin

Everything that glitters isn't personalised

Time: 10.15 - 11.00, Thursday November 5

Speaker: Sara Redin (Denmark), Think! Digital
Track: Personalisation & Relevance

Personalisation is the nirvana that digital marketeers dream of but the road is winding and long for most.

Even those companies who are successful and have a plan for marketing automation based on customer profiling can’t offer perfect user experience. We are still taking baby steps and learning as we go.

To users this means that if you are not diligent about avoiding cookies you surf the internet with a constant feeling of being haunted by your past. You are exposed to ads for hotels you might have already booked or discarded, out of season apparel or clothing that isn’t available in your size. There is loads of unfulfilled potential in optimising the customer experience while we are working on gearing our profiling, CRM and tagging of content in the background.

So in a short and thought provoking presentation and a facilitated group discussion this session will investigate:
- How can the personalisation scenarios best known to us be improved?
- What does it require from your organisation to bring customers relevant experiences that builds loyalty and drives conversion?
- What does a digital roadmap heading towards personalisation nirvana look like?

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