Making It Work
Aarhus 15 conference
November 3-5 2015

Frank SielaffFrank Sielaff (Germany)

Director Digital Media, Group Communications, Merck



As a child, Frank received his first technical construction kit as a birthday present. Since then, he has been dedicated to the application of technology in various fields.

Frank studied Mechanical Engineering at the Technische Universit├Ąt Darmstadt and worked as an IT consultant in automotive and aeronautic industries before joining Merck in 2005.

There, he held several positions in group IT in the area of technology and business consulting. Since 2013, Frank has reported to Corporate Communications where he is heading all digital communication activities internally through the digital workplace and externally through group websites and social media.

In his leisure time, Frank loves to spend time with his two daughters, trying to pass over some of his enthusiasm for technology.

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