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Aarhus 15 conference
November 3-5 2015

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Frank Wolf

8 inevitable questions you need to address before your Mobile Intranet can take off

Time: 11.15 - 12.00, Thursday November 5

Speaker: Frank Wolf (Germany), eyo
Track: Collaboration & Community Management

Making an intranet or parts of it available on mobile involves much more than just making it “responsive”. “Mobile” enables communicators to reach new non-desk audiences, but also creates previously unknown technical and practical challenges as a consequence.

Frank Wolf is co-founder of eye EmployeeApp. He has worked on numerous projects with clients, who want to make their intranet mobile and become better at reaching all employees. He has identified 8 key questions, that always emerge as part of the journey; some focus on strategy and content; the others on technology and distribution - and they all need yo be answered in order for the project to succeed.

In this session, Frank will walk you through those questions; provide insights and tips on how others have cracked them and equip you to be better prepared when embarking on your mobile intranet project.

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