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Aarhus 15 conference
November 3-5 2015

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Lau H. Andreasen

Our future role - how should it be shaped to create most value for the organisation?

Time: 13.00 - 13.45, Wednesday November 4

Speaker: Lau Andreasen (Denmark), J. Boye
Track: Intranet & Digital Workplace

Managing today’s intranets / digital workplaces is a mammoth task requiring a plethora of skills, diplomatic and psychological flair and the ability to stay calm and collected even when the feeling of impatience threatens to make you implode or explode. At different times of the day you find yourself fulfilling very different roles; glorified content creator, over-qualified support desk, self-taught librarian, hard-nosed negotiator, exhausted diplomat…

You have probably been in the game for a long time and (no doubt without noticing it fully) made huge strides - with minimal resources. Your efforts have helped your co-workers work smarter and access crucial information easier. You have cracked many challenges and readily added lots of new task to your to-do-list - driven by a mix of curiosity, professional pride - and a slight feeling of resentment!

There are, however, a number of “uber-challenges” which you - and with you most others in the game - continue to battle. The same ones you discuss every time you get together with peers.
- How do you get a firm grip on all the many aspects of governance around people, roles and responsibilities?
- How do you deal with the ever-growing amount of content and ensure that it is both findable and useful?
- How do you meet the training and support needs that just continue growing with the introduction of still more new tools and functionalities?
- How do you get your co-workers to embrace online collaboration fully?

Lau moderates many of J. Boye’s intranet, collaboration and digital workplace groups in a number of countries and has listened in on many accounts of pain and frustration relating to exactly those big questions - but he thankfully also hears lots of the sound and pragmatic ideas and solutions our many members come up with. He will share up-to-date advice that has worked; not necessarily solved all the issues, but helped members stay sane, make progress and ultimately become better in their roles. You may have input too, so there will be plenty of interactive discussion.

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