Making It Work
Aarhus 15 conference
November 3-5 2015

8 Great keynote speakers

Klean (USA)

Use content strategy to make your organisation win

Andreas Ramos

envision (Denmark)

The digital family

Anne Glad

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USA)

The changing game of social media

Danielle Brigida

Independent consultant (UK)

Privacy, security, human rights, and your business

Eleanor Saitta

envision (Denmark)

The future of advertising

Hannu Vangsgaard

Arla Foods (Denmark)

How Arla changed the way to do change communication

Jonas Bladt Hansen


10 Top tips for digital transformation

Rob Gethen Smith

Digital Clarity Group (Germany)

The total impossibility of customer experience mgmt.

Tim Walters

55 World-class facilitators, hosts, speakers

ECCO (Denmark)

Using digital for better loyalty programs

Abdul Dezkam

Haldor Topsøe (Denmark)

Digital Gravity; how to prepare for lift-off in content marketing

Adam Frederik Nissen Feldt


Meaningful digital engagement – starting from desired results

Alastair Smith

Danmarks Naturfredningsforening (Denmark)

Engaging with a member base gone social

Allan Nyhus

J. Boye (Belgium)

Leadership & Strategy

An Dewilde

OMV Petrom (Romania)

An introduction in brand resilience and reputation management

Ana Bulgar

Arrow Electronics (Sweden)

Making it work with generation Y

Anna Kadric

Siteimprove (Denmark)

Getting started with web accessibility

Anne Thyme

Varma (Finland)

From transactions to relationships: transforming website experiences

Anni Kuva

MMT Digital (UK)

Strategic project delivery

Ben Rudman

DGI (Denmark)

Leadership challenges in digital projects

Birgit Gjøl

Dansk Supermarked (Denmark)

Content & Communications

Birgitte Seest Marquart

Euroclear (Belgium)

Intranet & Digital Workplace

Bonnie Cheuk

Roland Berger (Germany)

How to keep your social intranet successful

Christina Rahtgens

VELUX (Denmark)

The foundations for successful global collaboration

Christine H. Donatzky

World Health Organization (Switzerland)

What Ebola taught WHO about their web

Christopher Strebel

Judge Group (USA)

Stop letting platforms define your user

Dan Lewis


The future of enterprise IT

David Jones

The Global Fund (Switzerland)

Intranet & Digital Workplace

Elizabeth Lekan

UNICEF (Switzerland)

New ways of working: culture change

Ernst Décsey

Roland Berger (Germany)

How to keep your social intranet successful

Florian Hoecherl

Merck (Germany)

Leadership approaches to digital transformation

Frank Sielaff

eyo (Germany)

Collaboration & Community Management

Frank Wolf

Allergan (Switzerland)

The secret of managing 60 global websites

Hjördís Arnadottir

Agency Oasis (USA)

On the path to a fully realized customer experience strategy

Jake DiMare

Aperto (Germany)

Next level digital brand storytelling

Jan Pilhar

LEGO (Denmark)

Collaboration & Community Management

Jane Meldgaard Johansen

Bosch (Germany)

Collaboration & Community Management

Joachim Heinz

CoreMedia (Germany)

The role of technology in the customer experience

Jochen Toppe

NettoPower (Denmark)

Make it visual

Jonathan Satchell

YASKA (Belgium)

Going fast forward with your “big data”

Julien Vander Straeten

Yle (Finland)

When your intranet goes Google

Kaisa Hilden

Arla Foods (Denmark)

Laying the strategic foundations and building a digital workplace for the future

Karen Skærbæk

Katrine Thielke (Denmark)

Branded Content: Find your own 3 concepts

Katrine Emme Thielke

Operate (Denmark)

Strategic design thinking

Kezia Museth

Diversa (Denmark)

Getting started with web accessibility

Lars Holm Sørensen

J. Boye (Denmark)

Our future role - how should it be shaped to create most value?

Lau H. Andreasen

Digital Clarity Group (UK)

Web design trends 2016

Marianne Kay

Brüel & Kjær Sound & Vibration Measurement (Denmark)

Branding & Marketing

Mette Heide Temple

Richemont (Switzerland)

Simplifying good intranet design

Neil Morgan

European Commission (Belgium)

Intranet & Digital Workplace

Peter Chloupek

Rambøll (Denmark)

Using LinkedIn for content marketing and thought leadership

Peter Nissen

Codento (Finland)

It’ll be just agile projects and cloud computing in the future

Petri Aukia

Scroll (UK)

More content than capacity

Rahel Bailie

Magnolia (Denmark)

Content wants to be free (from projects)

Rasmus Skjoldan

PPG Architectual Coatings (Denmark)

Actionable analytics

Rie Haagen

Think! Digital (Denmark)

Everything that glitters is not personalised

Sara Redin

Ketchum Publico (Austria)

Heroes and storytelling

Saskia Wallner

Talking Heads (Belgium)

A little less conversation, a little more action

Sofie Verhalle

J. Boye (UK)

The case for user experience management

Stephen Emmott

Region Syddanmark (Denmark)

The tricky discipline of product management

Søren Ahlers-Jensen

Metropolitan University College (Denmark)

Data is your eyes - not your brain

Thomas Petersen

Operate (Denmark)

Strategic design thinking

Thomas Simsby

Usertribe (Denmark)

Customer centric business optimization

Thore Fogh Johansen

Parliament (UK)

Digital strategy: do you really need one and what should it look like?

Tracy Green

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