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Aarhus 15 conference
November 3-5 2015

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Petri Aukia

It’ll be just agile projects and cloud computing in the future

Time: 15.15 - 16.00, Wednesday November 4

Speaker: Petri Aukia (Finland), Codento
Track: Standards & Technology

With rapid development projects and cloud computing, the costs have gone down and the number of choises you need to make has gone up. When do you need to develop software and when and how should you use cloud computing?

I’ll go through our model for understanding your current and future software portfolio. I’ll explain through a matrix what are the crucial parts of contracting for each of the software investment models and I’ll concentrate on how this affects the individual employee in a project or with a wider domain.

My presentation will challenge the audience and concentrate on the new and the non-obvious.

In short, we’ll explore the following together:
1. Understand when either agile or cloud computing will/won’t work
2. You’ll be able to ensure that you have the contract that will get you the service you need
3. You’ll be able to explain why a bifurcated, balanced mix of homemade software and cloud computing is the future of software

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