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November 3-5 2015

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Søren Ahlers-Jensen

The tricky discipline of product management

Time: 15.15 - 16.00, Thursday November 5

Speaker: Søren Ahlers-Jensen (Denmark), Region Syddanmark
Track: Leadership & Strategy

Product Management is at its core a business function, focused on how to maximize business value from a product or portfolio of products.

I have often called the product managers the project leads of operation. Meaning, that often you will find that there is a profile match with project leads and product managers. However, their job horizon is completely different. Where a project lead refer to his/her project plan the product manager will refer to their road map. Mostly project leads will have a closer final deadline/launch date, where the product manager will look further into the horizon and have multiple launch dates.

In this workshop-like session, I will discuss tools/models for the product manager to help them in the pursuit of maximizing business value. Amongst others: road maps, business models etc. All this spiced with real life experience as product manager.

Whether you’re responsible for a core IT system or web strategist, you can benefit from knowing these basic product manager skills.

In the session, I will involve the audience as much as possible and spice the discussion of tools with my real life experience as product manager.

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