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November 3-5 2015

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Peter Nissen

Using LinkedIn for content marketing and thought leadership

Time: 13.00 - 13.45, Wednesday November 4

Speaker: Peter Nissen (Denmark), Rambøll
Track: Content & Communications

So it seems that most of the B2B buying process is over before customers reach out directly and that potential jobseekers get most of their info about companies online. How then can we as companies move onto their radar through clever use of the social media space?

At Ramboll, an engineering and management consultancy, we have used LinkedIn - and our Company Page in particular - as a powerful platform to test the reality behind buzzwords like content marketing, thought leadership and employer branding.

This presentation will cover how we took our first steps into LinkedIn territory and why we consolidated our Company Page presence, how we got going by dedicating resources, structuring planning of content and creating a strategic framework for our initiatives - and how interest really took off resulting in our number of followers more than doubling in less than three quarters and reaching 50,000. We are now building on this momentum to further develop social media initiatives in the company.

All of our efforts take place in a real-life “lab” so you will also hear the pragmatic, less glossy side of things: Learn how to spot and mould a good story for LinkedIn, how to line dance between staying serious and still providing upbeat, engaging content and about the necessity of the everyday struggle to keep a focus on credibility and relevance to the user, rather than taking to company-centricity.

If you are just starting out, you will get insight into strengths and limitations of LinkedIn as a platform and how to work with them.

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